2024 Mercury Tracer

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If you are thinking ‘I must sell my Mercury Tracer’, then we will buy your car. We will buy any Mercury Tracer no matter what condition or age, and will provide you with a Mercury Tracer valuation instantly if you register your car details online. Webuyanycar are a specialist Mercury Tracer buyer so we can help you with a quick and easy sale and pay you immediately for your Mercury Tracer. With our first rate customer service, rapid payment, fair pricing policy and a desire to buy your Mercury Tracer, we feel we are best placed to help you sell your Mercury Tracer.

The Mercury Tracer is Mercury’s entry level car, though it still manages to impress within its market. The Tracer has a zippy engine output and provides reliable low cost motoring with cheap insurance and running costs. With the car based on the European Ford Escort it has the Mercury ride quality and good handling associated with bigger cars. Alongside the four door Tracer sedan is the Tracer Wagon that provides extra load space and more practicality. Both cars can comfortably carry five people, all having plenty of leg and headroom, and still there is space for their luggage too. In essence the Mercury Tracer does exactly what it was designed for: providing a cheap entry level car that is practical and easy to drive, comfortable and safe, inexpensive and reliable and easy to maintain. First time car buyers love this model, as do people who like a bargain.

  • Mercury Tracer Sedan 4D LTS
  • Mercury Tracer Sedan 4D Sedan 4D
  • Mercury Tracer Wagon 4D Base
  • Mercury Tracer Sedan 4D GS
  • Mercury Tracer Sedan 4D LS