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In 1994 the Plymouth Neon was introduced to the market by the Chrysler Corporation. As a compact front-wheel drive car, it replaced several Plymouth and Dodge models. The Neon was a popular and affordable addition to the compact market and also came as a two-door model.

There were many versions and configurations of the Plymouth Neon, with various extras and engine sizes, allowing it to become well-liked throughout the compact market because of its versatility. The model was discontinued by Chrysler in 2005.

  • Plymouth Neon Coupe 2D Highline
  • Plymouth Neon Coupe 2D Sport
  • Plymouth Neon Sedan 4D
  • Plymouth Neon Sedan 4D Highline
  • Plymouth Neon Sedan 4D Sport
  • Plymouth Neon Coupe 2D
  • Plymouth Neon Sedan 4D LX