2023 Pontiac Bonneville

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One of the longest lasting brand names in the Pontiac range, the Pontiac Bonneville first hit the streets in 1957 and has gone through an enormous range of models. It has been a convertible, a coupe, sedan and wagon over the years and early models are renowned as collectors’ items. Powered by V6 or V8 engines, the sedan models were roomy and comfortable and gave good performance both in acceleration and cruising.

Also known as the Bonny, the Pontiac Bonneville could be spotted all over the country, and though production finally came to an end in 2005, it remains an automobile that served many generations.

  • Pontiac Bonneville Sedan 4D SE
  • Pontiac Bonneville Sedan 4D SSE
  • Pontiac Bonneville Sedan 4D SSEI
  • Pontiac Bonneville Sedan 4D SLE
  • Pontiac Bonneville Sedan 4D GXP