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Wondering about the value of your Pontiac Vibe hatchback? If you’re looking at figuring out the value of your Pontiac Vibe because you want to sell it, then make a one stop sale with us. Not only can we provide you with an instant quote online so you can see your car’s worth, but we’ll buy all Pontiac Vibes second hand, and we’ll take all models regardless of year, condition and mileage. Not only will get a fair price for your Pontiac Vibe, but you’ll find a trustworthy and buyer as well, who provides instant payment and caring service. If your instant quote sounds appealing, contact us now and sell your Pontiac Vibe. Let’s make a deal!

Pontiac Vibe hatchback is of particular interest to our dealerships because they represent a compact hatchback which was a joint venture between GM and Toyota. Sleek and trendy, the not quite SUV was designed specifically to target younger clientele. The Vibe was produced from 2002-2009, until being replaced by the Vibe’s current successor, the Toyota Matrix.

The Pontiac Vibe experienced some minor changes throughout the years. The first generation of the model offered a GT model as well as a redesigned front fascia to boost customer appeal and introduced in Japan under the Toyota label. The second generation of its class was much sportier, with cleaner lines and a muscular feel, with added brake enhancements. Regardless of generation, if you are an owner of any Pontiac Vibe, we are interested in buying your vehicle today.

  • Pontiac Vibe Hatchback 4D AWD
  • Pontiac Vibe Hatchback 4D Base
  • Pontiac Vibe Hatchback 4D GT
  • Pontiac Vibe Hatchback 4D 1.8L
  • Pontiac Vibe Hatchback 4D 2.4L