2024 Saturn Astra

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If you’re the owner of a Saturn Astra, don’t trade in your car. Sell your Saturn Astra to We Buy Any Car, a professional and honest buyer who want to buy your car. As professional dealers, we’ll offer you a price for your Saturn Astra that is competitive and fair. Before you even speak to us, get an accurate valuation on your car based on the mileage, age and condition with a quick and easy online quote. If you like what you see, speak to us. We’re anxious to purchase your Saturn Astra, and will take you step by step through the car sale process.

Astra’s life was short lived for only two years under the Saturn name. Rebadged under the GM European operation’s Opel name after Saturn ceased operations in 2009, the Astra’s short history in North America and strong reliability make us interested in buying them from owners. The Astra’s European design and two and four door hatchback were sold in North America in XE base and XR trim designs, with inviting interiors and preppy 1.8 litre four cylinder engines competitive of its class.

The compact and hatchback designs are becoming more common in the North American market, and the Astra’s delightful 60/40 rear split seats gives it a roomy rear cargo area and the fuel economy of the Saturn Astra beats out the top competitors of its class, the comparable Volkswagon and Mazda entries. If you’re looking for a buyer of your Saturn Astra, we’re interested in any of these sleek and comfortable hatchback styles.

  • Saturn Astra Coupe 2D XR
  • Saturn Astra Sedan 4D XE
  • Saturn Astra Sedan 4D XR