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In production from 1990 to 2002, the Saturn S-Series was a compact car which featured a wide range of models through the years. The initial, basic models were the SL1 and SL2, with the SW1 and SW2 wagons appearing in 1992; these were mechanically the same as the SLs. A limited edition of the SL2 came out in 1994, called the Homecoming, and a second edition of this was produced in 1999. The S-Series also produced a sports coupe, the SC, from the beginning of is production life featuring two trims: the base level SC1 and the considerably more sporty SC2. Engines for the S-Series were either a 1.9 liter four-cylinder, or the same size in a twin-cam version.

  • Saturn S Series Coupe 2D Base
  • Saturn S Series Sedan 4D Base
  • Saturn S Series Sedan 4D SL1
  • Saturn S Series Sedan 4D SL2
  • Saturn S Series Coupe 2D SC1
  • Saturn S Series Coupe 2D SC2
  • Saturn S Series Wagon 4D SW1
  • Saturn S Series Wagon 4D SW2
  • Saturn S Series Hatchback 3D SC1
  • Saturn S Series Hatchback 3D SC2