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First produced in 1999, the Toyota Echo was a sub-compact car available in hatchback, coupe and sedan variants. During the first generation of Toyota Echo, the hatchback version was derived from the Japanese-made Toyota Vitz . The coupe and sedan followed the body styles of the Japanese-market Toyota Platz. The second generation models began production in 2005, under the name Yaris. The second generation models are only available in hatchback and sedan body designs. The hatchback design originates from the Toyota Vitz, while the sedan is a derivative of the Toyota Belta, both of which are only available in Japanese markets. The most recent models from 2011 to the present only feature a hatchback-style body that is based on the Toyota Vitz. The hatchback has two options: a three-door or five-door version. The new bodies have significantly reduced aerodynamic drag to improve fuel efficiency. There are currently three engine types; either a 1.0 L, 1.3 L or 1.5 L engine. Additionally, there are two transmission types; a 5-speed manual and CVT automatic. The newest Echo currently in production is the Yaris Hybrid, which was unveiled at the March 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The 2012 version is expected to feature a hybrid powertrain.

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