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First produced in 1951, the Toyota Land Cruiser is a four-wheel drive vehicle that has gone through many changes since its conception. The first-generation variant began as an off-road type automobile which was produced in hardtop, convertible, truck and station wagon versions. Toyota conducted extensive tests on the automobile in the Australian Outback to ensure drivability in one of the toughest operating environments on earth. In 1955, the second-generation 20 series was released which was designed for civilian appeal. The ride was smoother and the body work was much more stylish. In 1960, the 40 series was introduced which featured a 3.9 liter F engine and low-range gearing. The 50 series was unveiled in 1967, which was a four-door station wagon version with a longer wheelbase. The 60 series was available for purchase in 1981, which was a front engine four door wagon that could seat five to seven passengers. The 70 series was released in 1984 in several available body styles including a soft-top, hard-top, FRP top, utility, cab-chassis and Troop Carrier. The 80 series was unveiled in late 1989 with swing-out back doors. The 90 series had an upgraded engine and most recently, the 100 series significantly updated the 8-year old 90 series.

  • Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility 4D 4WD
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility 4D HE 4WD
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility 4D FJ60
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility 4D Base