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Originally only sold in North America, the Toyota Matrix is a compact hatchback that is considered to be a sporty, wagon version of the Toyota Corolla. First put into production in 2003, the first generation of the Toyota Matrix included the E130, Standard, XR, XRS and M-Theory. The following year, the Toyota Matrix received several minor revisions to the body. The most important was the revision of the Toyota Matrix’s front styling, and replacing the colored tail lamps with clear versions. Additionally the center instrument panel was redesigned to include a Toyota head unit. The Toyota Matrix was originally available in a 4-speed automatic, 5-speed C59 manual and 6-speed C60 manual transmission. Produced in 2008, the second generation introduced the E140. The E140 Matrix is available in three trim types: basic, S and XRS. Additionally, it is available with two different engine options; either a manual, or an automatic five-speed. The S-grade options can be equipped with all-wheel drive and a four-speed automatic. Canadian buyers have the option of four trims: a 1.8 L base model as well as the AWD, XR and XRS models; each of which contains a 2.4 liter engine. The second generation Toyota Matrix is the first Toyota to be sold in Mexico.

  • Toyota Matrix Hatchback 4D 2WD
  • Toyota Matrix Hatchback 4D 4WD
  • Toyota Matrix Hatchback 4D XR 2WD
  • Toyota Matrix Hatchback 4D XR 4WD
  • Toyota Matrix Hatchback 4D XRS
  • Toyota Matrix Sedan 4D Base
  • Toyota Matrix Sedan 4D S
  • Toyota Matrix Sedan 4D S AWD
  • Toyota Matrix Sedan 4D XRS
  • Toyota Matrix Hatchback 4D Base
  • Toyota Matrix Hatchback 4D S
  • Toyota Matrix Hatchback 4D S AWD
  • Toyota Matrix Hatchback 4D L