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Looking to upgrade and sell your Toyota MR2? Well, we accept any type of car and pay the best for it. Drivable or un-drivable, new or used, you name it; we accept anything. Fill in your automobile information for a free Toyota MR2 valuation.

Through three generations, this sporty car has evolved from a two-seat, real-wheel drive, mid-engine Toyota MR2 with angular lines to a curvier, more aerodynamic automobile as the years progressed. The Toyota MR2 was always designed to be small but sporty with economic output. The MR2 maintained its basic design elements over the years with a strut front, transverse-mounted inline-four engine and rear suspension. The first generation of the MR2 was surprising to consumers, since before the introduction of the MR2, Toyota had been known for family-friendly, economical vehicles. The most important features of the first-generation MR2 included a light body, superior handling and a small engine. The second generation became available in 1989 and underwent a complete redesign. The new car was larger and weighed significantly more than its predecessor. This version was available in a 2-door coupe or T-top body style and 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. The third generation of the Toyota MR2 gave way to a newer, curvier look which was targeted at a younger audience. The hard top was eliminated and the open roof option was added. The first prototype appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1997 and was much more angled and rigid. The only engine option was the ZZW30 with overhead camshafts and 16 valves.

  • Toyota MR2 Coupe 2D Base
  • Toyota MR2 Coupe 2D T-Bar
  • Toyota MR2 Coupe 2D Supercharge T-Bar
  • Toyota MR2 Coupe 2D Turbo T-Bar
  • Toyota MR2 Coupe 2D Coupe 2D
  • Toyota MR2 Convertible 2D Base
  • Toyota MR2 Convertible 2D Convertible 2D