2020 Toyota Supra

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First produced in 1978, the exterior detailing of the Toyota Supra was initially modeled after the Toyota Celica, only with larger dimensions. The Toyota Supra consists of four generations, aptly named Mark I, Mark II, Mark III and Mark IV. The first generation car was originally offered with two transmission options, the 5-speed manual or the 4-speed automatic, both of which featured an overdrive gear. The drive train consisted of a solid rear axle configuration, which was also found in the Toyota Celica. Only a few years after the first generation was released, the Mark II went into production. This version of the Toyota Supra was completely redesigned, but remained based on the Celica platform. The greatest differences were the front-end design, retractable headlights, larger engine and increase in length and wheelbase. The third generation Toyota Supra completely cut ties with the Celica and produced a new model. Although the second and third generation Supra featured similar designs, the engine of the Mark III was more powerful. The final generation of the Toyota Supra, the Mark IV, was discontinued in 2002. The Supra Mark IV focused on being a more high performance automobile. This version was redesigned with a more rounded body style and the option for two new engines: the Toyota 2JZ-GE, and a twin turbocharged Toyota 2JZ-GTE.

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