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Manufactured from 1978 to 2000, and with a total of five generations, the Toyota Tercel is a subcompact car with five body configurations of varying sizes. The Toyota Tercel was the first vehicle with front-wheel drive to be produced by Toyota. This created a framework that was utilized in later models of Toyota. The company also developed a new engine for the Tercel to effectively achieve premium fuel economy while maintaining performance with low emissions. The first generation was only available in a two or four-door coupe and three-door hatchback. The second generation, or L20 series, saw a major overhaul of the body, making the car more angular shaped. The L20 Toyota Tercel was available in only three or five-door hatchback models with four-door station wagon and sedan options. The third generation was designed to be slightly larger and feature a new 12 valve engine, revised steering and a new independent suspension. The introduction of the fourth generation Toyota Tercel brought the Base coupe, DX coupe, DX sedan and LE sedan. The final generation of Toyota Tercel, which was released in 1995, offered a stiffer body and better handling while maintaining a compact package with high quality.

  • Toyota Tercel Liftback 3D Base
  • Toyota Tercel Liftback 3D Deluxe
  • Toyota Tercel Liftback 5D Deluxe
  • Toyota Tercel Wagon 4D Deluxe 4WD
  • Toyota Tercel Wagon 4D SR5
  • Toyota Tercel Wagon 4D Deluxe
  • Toyota Tercel Sedan 2D Base
  • Toyota Tercel Wagon 4D DLX AWD
  • Toyota Tercel Coupe 2D Coupe 2D
  • Toyota Tercel Coupe 2D DLX
  • Toyota Tercel Hatchback 3D EZ
  • Toyota Tercel Hatchback 3D Hatchback 3D
  • Toyota Tercel Hatchback 5D DLX
  • Toyota Tercel Hatchback 3D DLX
  • Toyota Tercel Sedan 2D DX
  • Toyota Tercel Sedan 2D Sedan 2D
  • Toyota Tercel Sedan 4D DX
  • Toyota Tercel Sedan 4D LE
  • Toyota Tercel Sedan 2D CE
  • Toyota Tercel Sedan 4D CE
  • Toyota Tercel Liftback 3D SR5
  • Toyota Tercel Coupe 2D Base