2023 Volkswagen Eurovan

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Get your Volkswagen Eurovan valuation calculated by us quickly and conveniently using our online valuation system. Simply give us the details of your vehicle and we will provide an accurate price within seconds. You could try to sell your Volkswagen Eurovan to a private buyer, but this can take a lot of time. You could attempt to trade in your Eurovan, but you may not be getting the right price. We can guarantee an accurate price for your vehicle, according to its age, mileage and condition, and can complete the sale at one of our depots within 20 minutes.

When it first came onto the market in 1994 the Eurovan had 109HP and a 2.5L engine towards the front, powering its front wheels. This came as a big improvement to Volkswagen’s previous vans which were driven from an engine at the rear of the vehicle. Eurovans produced between 1995 and 1998 will be campers with four seats as standard or an optional extra middle bench to create a six-seater. These campers have built-in kitchen areas, wardrobe space and sleeping room for two people. From 1999 Volkswagen began producing Eurovans for general use rather than just for camping. With a more powerful 2.8L engine the GLS and MV Eurovans can hold more cargo or tow trailers with heavier loads, which makes them more suitable for commercial use. These models have 7 seats, and there are optional extras for the MVs, such as a pop-up roof with a 2 person bed and a refrigerator. The Eurovan is available with 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic transmission.

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