2024 Volkswagen New Passat

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Sell your Volkswagen New Passat quickly, safely and for the right price to us. All you need to do is fill in our online form with the details of your car’s age, mileage and condition and we will calculate an accurate valuation within seconds. You can be confident that our Volkswagen New Passat price is the right one. Don’t risk private selling where you could accept a price that is too low. We want to buy your car at its correct value. The process is fast and simple, and we provide a professional service that you can trust.

In 2006 Volkswagen redesigned the Passat to give it a fresh, sophisticated new look whilst retaining the features that made it one of the most popular family cars on the market. The New Passat is bigger than its predecessors which allows for more legroom and storage space in the trunk. It is also more powerful with a 200HP 2.0L engine in standard models or 280HP 3.6L engine in the sportier Passat V6, compared to the old 1.8L engine model. The V6 models also have the option of 4Motion 4-wheel drive technology, which improves handling in slippery terrain. Airbag safety was improved on the New Passat and other standard safety features remained, including anti-lock brakes and traction control. Leather upholstery and wood interior trims may be found in the New Passat, which adds an extra luxurious feel to the already popular family car.