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Regardless of model, age or mileage, we want to buy your Volkswagen Rabbit, and we want to give you the best price for it. We can calculate your Volkswagen Rabbit valuation within seconds when you fill in our online form, and can complete the sale in less than 20 minutes at your local depot. The process is fast, professional, and ensures that you get the very best price for your Volkswagen Rabbit. Selling privately can be a big risk; you may not get the price that your car deserves. Not only that but it can be a time consuming and stressful process. We will make the sale of your Volkswagen Rabbit fast and stress-free, and you can leave filled with confidence knowing that you sold your vehicle for the very best price.

The Rabbit was one of the first hatchback cars on the US market and was the predecessor of Volkswagen’s Golf from 1974. It has five seats and three doors, and is a small and compact family car. The oldest models will feature the smallest engines, between 1.0L and 1.8L. In 1988 the Golf replaced the Rabbit, but in 2006 the Rabbit was re-launched as a more powerful replacement of the Golf. 2006 to 2009 models feature 2.5L engines and 5-speed manual transmission as standard. 6-speed automatic models were also produced. Air-conditioning, power lock doors and power windows are standard, as are anti-lock brakes, traction control and driver, passenger and side airbags.

  • Volkswagen Rabbit Hatchback 2D Hatchback 2D
  • Volkswagen Rabbit Hatchback 4D Hatchback 4D
  • Volkswagen Rabbit Hatchback 2D S
  • Volkswagen Rabbit Hatchback 4D S
  • Volkswagen Rabbit Hatchback 2D S 2.0L
  • Volkswagen Rabbit Hatchback 2D S 2.5L
  • Volkswagen Rabbit Hatchback 4D S 2.0L
  • Volkswagen Rabbit Hatchback 4D S 2.5L
  • Volkswagen Rabbit Hatchback 4D LS Deluxe
  • Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible 2D Deluxe