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Not sure of the best way to sell your Geo? We have the answer – sell your Geo to us. Any model, any age and any mileage, we will even buy your Geo if it is damaged or is no longer running. We guarantee that we will buy any Geo, so what are you waiting for? To get started, simply enter your vehicle’s details into our online quote generator to get your Geo’s valuation price. We will give you unbeatable professional customer service as well as the best price you are likely to find for your Geo anywhere.

Whether your Geo is a shining example, has a few minor faults or is ready for the junkyard we will buy it, guaranteed. Bring your Geo to one of our convenient locations, and walk away with a check in your hand – often in under 30 minutes. Selling a used car has never been this easy!

Geo was a division of General Motors, and manufactured small cars and SUVs starting in the 1989 model year. Most of the vehicles manufactured by Geo were compact and subcompact cars which offered excellent mileage and better than average handling. Geo’s more popular car models included the Prism, Spectrum, Metro and Storm; the Geo Tracker was the company’s entry into the mini-SUV market. At the end of the 1998 model year, General Motors merged Geo with their Chevrolet division, and the brand was discontinued – although a couple of the Geo models continued to be produced under the Chevrolet name for several more years.