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Designed and manufactured as part of a joint venture with Chevrolet, the Geo Prizm was first launched in 1990, when it was known as the Geo/Chevrolet Prizm; the simpler Geo Prizm name was introduced in 1998. The Geo Prizm was a compact car, generally marketed as entry-level, a replacement for the Chevrolet Nova. The first model to be released was a hatchback and gained attention for its 1.6-liter, 130 horsepower twin cam engine and sport suspension. The second generation offered both 1.6-liter and 1.8-liter options. Production of the Geo Prizm stopped in 2002, ending the evolution of the vehicle over three generations of design.

  • Geo Prizm Hatchback 5D
  • Geo Prizm Notchback 4D
  • Geo Prizm Hatchback 5D GSI
  • Geo Prizm Notchback 4D GSI
  • Geo Prizm Sedan 4D
  • Geo Prizm Sedan 4D GSI
  • Geo Prizm Sedan 4D LSI